Preacher Lyrics

I had a demon 
I had a demon 
Looked me right in the eyes 

I could feel it 
I could hear it 
Scream bloody murder in my ears at night 

Was unholy 
It controlled me 
Put the knife in my hand 

Got me burnin 
Got me yearnin 
Almost killed a man 

That's when he came in through the radio 
Out like a banshee, burned like coal 
He came in through the radio 

He was the preacher of rock and roll 
He's the preacher 
He's the preacher and he saved my soul 

He's my protector 
And my savior 
Cries when I feel pain 

My instructor 
Holy water 
Bleeds so I won't stain 

He's my bastion 
When abandoned 
Calms me from my rage 

He's my champion 
My companion 
Frees me from my cage 

Took my hunger 
Made me stronger 
Had me stand up tall 

Made me careful 
Little feral 
Taught me not to fall 

Made my sinning 
And beginning 
Feel like another man 

Had me kiss her 
Had me hold her 
Like a bird in the hand 

Took me down to the river 
Set me down in the river 
Washed my knife in the river 
Washed my life in the river 

He's the preacher of rock and roll