For release the week of August 21st

Local College Band Takes Guitar Rock to a New Place

New Orleans, Louisiana (Wednesday, August 21st, 2019) - The Canarys, a power duo from Loyola University New Orleans, is releasing its second single “Good Enough” to your favorite streaming platform on August 21st. This new song uses thick layers of rock guitar, making the track feel exciting and emotional. 

The Canarys put out a lot of sound. Alexander Hollins sings and plays heavy rock guitar, balanced by Marco Saah’s R&B drums. The band is ready to kick it into high gear. as Good Enough is the first of an album’s worth of material that the band has set to release.

Marco and Alexander only had the Loyola University Studios and the time between classes, but Good Enough doesn’t feel limited. Its rock and roll drive brings venom to its chorus lyrics: “I’m just tryna be good enough for you.” The song was written from the pain of trying to change oneself to fit in with someone else. The song’s heart is its bridge, employing a symphony of harmonic guitar parts and vocals singing the line, “smile and nod.” It’s chaotic, but it works within the context of the song.

Good Enough brings a sound that is rarely heard in rock. The Canarys’ mix of groovy drums, explosive guitars, and heartfelt lyrics sets the song up well, and the bridge harmonies drive it home. This bright new track lays bare a subject that everyone can resonate with, and it is worth a listen.

Alexander Hollins
Instagram: @thecanarys